Basic list of Closing Costs and expenses

The SELLER can generally expect to pay for:

• Standard CLTA owner's title Insurance.
• Real Estate Commission.
• Escrow Fee (50%).
• Notary Fee.
• Document preparation fee for Deed.
• Any bond or assessments (according to contract).
• Anny and all delinquent taxes.
• Any unpaid Homeowner's dues.
• Interest accrued to Lender being paidoff, Statement Fees, Reconveyance Fees and any Prepayment Penalties.
• Termite Inspection (according to contract).
• Termite Work (according to contract).
• Home Warranty (according to contract).
• Any Judgement, tax liens, etc against seller.
• Recording charges to clear all documents of record against seller.
• Tax proration (for any taxes unpaid at time of transfer of title).
• Seller's portion of Sub-Escrow Fee.
• Homeowner's transfer Fee.
• Solar Transfer Fee.

The BUYER can generally expect to pay for:

• Title Insurance premiums (ALTA Loan Policy).
• Escrow Fee (50%).
• Notary Fee.
• Recording charges for all documents in Buyer's name.
• Termite Inspection (according to contract).
• Tax proration (for date of acquisition).
• All new loan charges (except those required by Lender for Seller to pay).
• Inspection' Fees (roofing, property inspection, geological, etc.).
• Home Warranty (according to contract).
• Fire Insurance Premium for first year.
• Solar Assumption Fee.

The Home Selling Process

Getting your house ready

Foyer / Entry

• Pay special attention to this big first impression area.
• Make sure it is clean, decluttered, and inviting.
• This is a good place for a small entry table and fresh bouquet of flowers.


• Thoroughly clean it until it sparkles.
• Clear the countertops.
• Clean the stovetop and oven.
• Make sure the kitchen sink is always clear of dishes.
• Keep sponges, dish soap, etc. in a cupboard and out of sight.
• Empty the garbage regularly. (This is a source of odors!).
• Purge and organize pantry.


• Thoroughly clean it until it sparkles.
• Clear the countertops.
• Display nice hand towels.
• Fill a basket with high-end guest soaps and lotions.
• Have a nice bottle of hand soap.
• Clear extra clutter in the shower and only keep what is necessary.
• Stage a tub with candles, a book, and a fluffy towel.
• If you have a rug in the bathroom make sure it is a new, fresh one.
• Display a small bouquet of flowers or an orchid.
• Replace / update the shower curtain.
• Keep toilet lids closed. Keep garbage can out of site.

Living Room

• Arrange furniture into conversational areas.
• Make sure the space flows and is not overcrowded.
• Remove all clutter. Clear coffee table.
• Add a nice book, current magazines, or a vase of fresh flowers.


• Purge, declutter, and organize.
• Sweep and clean the floor.
• Add a fresh coat of paint.


• Make sure pet beds and areas are freshly cleaned.
• Keep bowls clean and out of the way.
• Make sure all toys and accessories are organized or stowed out of site.
• Make sure cat boxes are clean and tucked away in a laundry room or garage.
• Make sure pets are removed from the home during showings and open houses.


• Take a subjective look at the home's curb appeal.
• Make a list of anything that looks distracting, needs repair, or attention. This is a first impression and it's an important one.
• Make sure the exterior of home is freshly cleaned or painted.
• Give your front door special attention.
• Make sure it is clean or freshly painted or stained.
• Create an inviting entry way.
• Clear away all outdoor clutter.
• Sweep all walkways, patios, and decks.
• Remove moss. Pressure wash and stain / paint decks.
• Make sure all outdoor furniture is clean and in good repair.
• Arrange it so it looks inviting.
• Check gutters and roof for dry rot, moss, and debris.
• Make sure roof is in good repair and clean.
• Make sure fences and gates are clean, freshly painted or stained, and in good working order.
• Consider having a professional come in and do a good thorough landscaping clean up.
• Prune trees and bushes, remove weeds, fresh bark dust, and/or plant some fresh flowers (depending on the season).
• Lawn needs to be freshly cut, edged, fertilized, and green (depending on the season).
• Keep garbage cans in a good area; preferably out of site.